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10th Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition

May 21, 2019, 8 p.m. UTC

June 12, 2019, 8 p.m. UTC


The competition is over.

Merit Function Clarifications



I have a couple of questions about the "Delta-V_max" term of the merit function:

1) If a settlement pod is not used, does its 300 km/s get counted here?

2) Are ships that *could be* launched automatically added to the Delta-V_max?
2a) For example, if I don't use one of the mother ships at all, does its 500 km/s count in this term?
2b) For example, if a colony has been established and 2 Myr have passed, do we automatically add 1200 km/s for the 3 possible Settler Ships it could launch, even if that colony only launches one ship?

3) If the answer to 2 requires a ship to be launched to be counted, does the ship need to settle a colony to be counted, or can it be en-route when the 90 Myr time expires and still be counted in Delta-V (though the colony it would settle won't be counted)?



Hi Demyan,
it is funny. Exactly these question came to my mind during this morning...
Cheers, Ingo.



To answer Demyan:
1) No
2) No
2a) No
2b) No
3) Yes

In brief, look at all the Ships (Mother, Fast, or Settler) and Pods that were used to actually settle a star. What is the max DV permitted for each of those ships/Pods? (see Table 1). Add up all those max DVs. That is your DeltaV_max.

Hope this helps "settle" the question :)



Let me add a few words to cover a subtlety that I only implicitly covered above: Use the last column in Table 1 (Max Total DV for each vessel type) for all vessels that were used to settle stars. That is, when trying to figure out the max DV for each of your vessels, do not try to apply any manoeuvre timing constraints when figuring out the max DV for each vessel --- look only at that last column in the table for each vessel and use that number (a simple look-up).



Is the submission time used for the bonus term in the merit function accurate to the second, minute, hour, or some other time increment? I'm trying to validate my code and I'm very slightly off.



It is based on the system time of the server doing the checking, which reports its time to the second. The largest source of differences will likely be delays between upload and when the server actually starts checking the file.

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