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10th Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition

May 21, 2019, 8 p.m. UTC

June 12, 2019, 8 p.m. UTC


The competition is over.

Congratulations NUDT & XSCC, one Question to you



Congratulations NUDT & XSCC, this score is way beyond what I thought is possible!
We saw the picture of your winning solution, could you please publish the star ids of your initial settlements? Only for the motherships/fast ships. This way it is easier for the other teams to evaluate their settlement algorithms, since we know from your fabulous solution what is possible with this initial star set.



The fatherships id and mothership pods id we selected/optimized for "3101" solution are listed as follows:
f1, f2: 71700, 30830,
m1: 4478, 2097, 4855, 36794?
m2: 10672, 40977, 99421, 13002, 12384,
m3: 23374, 21650, 62350
hope this helpful to you. Any problem please contact me freely (, XSCC)

Hong-Xin Shen



Thanks a lot. This is very useful since in our team we had limited human resources and had no time to cover all aspects of the problem, specially not the starting phase. Using your numbers I can evaluate and improve the 2nd phase were we focused on, and add a 3rd one we didn't even start in the limited time. For our team GTOC is always a much longer endeavor as we usually continue to improve our methods by incorporating the great ideas the other teams had.

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