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10th Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition

This website is run by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory with the express purpose of hosting the 10th edition of the Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition. We thank the Advanced Concepts Team of the European Space Agency for graciously providing us the code for the website backend, which they wrote for their competition-hosting platform, Kelvins, where the first web-based GTOC, GTOC9, was held to great success. The website is currently under development and is therefore in a state far from being complete. Many features, especially community features, such as the described points and ranking system are still to be implemented. Please report any problems you have with the website. Image credits ESA/GAVS, ESA/ACT, NASA/ESA/STScI.

Code of Honor

The following general rules apply to all users of the website and participants in GTOC X. Not following these rules can and will have consequences such as disqualification from the competition, banning, and deactivation of accounts.

Single Account

Only one single account per user is permitted. Submission from a single person using multiple accounts is not allowed. For teams, one or more of their members can register as users, each being allowed to submit for the team.


Any form of cheating against the competition rules is considered a threat against the GTOC community and will be treated as such.


All users shall respect their fellow competitors and not engage in any activity leading to any form of harm to others.


Questions may be directed to Anastassios Petropoulos.