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10th Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition

GTOC X Homepage

The 10th edition of the Global Trajectory Optimisation Competition, GTOC X, is being hosted in 2019 by the Mission Design and Navigation section at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. GTOC was started in 2005 by Dario Izzo of the European Space Agency’s Advanced Concepts Team as a way to foster innovation in optimization of interplanetary trajectories and cross-fertilization of ideas between researchers in optimization and in astrodynamics.

We invite all interested researchers or teams of researchers to register to compete in GTOC X.


  • 18 April – Registration opens at this website
  • 12 May – Registration closes
  • 15 May, 8 PM UTC – GTOC X problem is posted on this website
  • 21 May, 8 PM UTC – Beginning of solution submission period
  • 12 June, 8 PM UTC – Solution submission period closes
  • 11-15 August 2019 – GTOC X Workshop - a number of teams from the competition's leaderboard will be invited to present papers at the GTOC X Special Session of the Astrodynamics Specialist Conference in Maine.

Solutions are to be submitted by teams through this website. The competition will have a leaderboard – submitted solutions will be verified and scored automatically and posted to it. Email submissions are permitted only as a backup in case of technical difficulties.


Two steps are required to register:

1) Each team must have at least one team member (usually the team lead) who is registered on this website. Registration requires only the choice of a username and password. Only registered team members will be allowed to submit solutions on behalf of their team.

2) Upon registration, the team lead must email the GTOC X organizers the list of registered usernames for their team, and a list of team members with affiliations and contact information for the team lead.


Questions may be directed to Anastassios Petropoulos.